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On your wedding day, you make the single most important decision of your life: saying yes to forever with your soulmate. It's truly a momentous occasion worth the celebration of a lifetime.  As your photographer, I make it my mission to capture your love story in a way that shows off the unique intricacies of your romance while you spend your precious minutes fully immersed in the joy of your wedding day.

Customized Proposal

You're not like anyone else. Full stop. So a one size fits all wedding collection just isn't in the cards. So once you've inquired – you'll receive a simple questionnaire to fill in with details about your wedding day. Then you'll receive your custom proposal for you and your fiancé so we can ensure that your coverage is as tailored as his tuxedo.


There are few things better than a moodboard when it comes to determining the look, feel, and style of your wedding day. From romantic moments to floral arrangements, together we'll get creative and find images that inspire your vision so we can make it come to life!

Moodboard Creation

Engagement Styling

Our pre-wedding sessions are a vital part of capturing your love story. They allow us to get to know each other, and allow me to see the unique ways you and soon-to-be husband love each other. Whether we decide on a local story or we hop on a flight to one of your favorite spots - the possibilities are endless. 


Expert Timeline Design

After more than ten years of photographing weddings, I know what makes an excellent timeline. Your timeline has an enormous impact on not only the way your day looks, but how it feels as well. We'll design your timeline with a pace that feels like you and lighting that makes your love story shine. Because living in the moment is what it's all about.


Wedding Weekend

From the rehearsal dinner to your heartfelt vows, and all the goodness that comes before and after, I'll be there to capture it all. At this point we'll have all the details finalized and the vision cast. All that's left is to take a deep breath, let it out, and live in the unforgettable moments that take place.

I'll be there to capture them all.


The Perfect Beginning

Inevitably, our journey together will come to a close. Before that happens however, I will design what will be your first family heirloom as a newly married couple. Albums stitched together with your unique story in mind and print boxes filled to the brim with your priceless memories. 

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The Creative Process

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