Artistically captured, deeply authentic wedding days.

With a formal education in history, literature, and language, I view wedding days as the unfolding of a true epic masterpiece; a unique story to be passed down for generations to come. You, the story's hero, and I, the enraptured narrator and when needed, gentle director.

As any classic tale should be, my style is timeless and full of life. I'm in an unending pursuit to capture your authentic, candid, joyful moments; documenting the little glances and tearful seconds that few are privileged to see. All of this in full color that will look as beautiful today, as it will one hundred years from now.

Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas City + Destination



If you want the ability to relive your wedding day moment by moment, through imagery as beautiful as the memories you cherish, then I promise this is right where you’re supposed to be. I have been documenting weddings for over a decade. I instinctually know what’s necessary for this most spectacular occasion to go off not only seamlessly, but artistically. Whether it’s walking you through the symbolism of a unity candle, or helping you know where to sign the marriage license, I’m able to lead you through it.

I do what I do, because I’m in love with making people feel assured, excited, beautiful, and giving them photographs that give life to their favorite memories. Getting to be there for my couples is so special to me. Though some may get carried away with themselves, I know it’s all because of the wonderful couples who choose me, that I am able to create frame worthy photographs for them. Every interaction we have and every decision I make on your wedding day, is all in pursuit of those authentic moments and the outward expression of joy that you’ll get when you are in the arms of the person you love.